5 reasons why the Dutch high tech industry is vital to meeting the global challenges of today

Holland is strong in technologies that stimulate other sectors. The high-tech sector for example facilitates growth and innovation in the energy, chemistry and life science sectors.

Dutch high-tech companies and knowledge institutes are world-renowned for their drive to excel in technology. Not just for the sake of technological progress, but to meet the challenges faced by society with regard to such things as mobility, health, renewable energy and safety. 

Key Areas: 

Global challenges • Hotbed of innovation • Cross-over industry • Nanotechnology
Atmospheric research • Smart and sustainable mobility



1. The Dutch open, creative & entrepreneurial spirit

The Netherlands’ centuries-old tradition of creativity, pragmatism, entrepreneurship, openness and collaboration forms a perfect fit for the high-tech systems and materials (HTSM) sector. 

2. Technological excellence, a leader in the high tech market

The high tech sector includes a number of closely related industries including: the high-tech systems industries, automotive, aerospace and materials including steel. 

3. A computer-savvy population

The Netherlands has a computer-savvy population and very high rates of computer/broadband penetration and mobile telephony use. 

4. Network of specialised companies and institutions & frontrunner in ‘open innovation’

A well-functioning network (‘ecosystem’) of specialised companies and institutions is crucial.

5. Always keeping an eye on the future

Holland’s high tech sector is a world leader in the development of new technologies and materials for use in the communication systems of the future.

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