Being 19 and living already one year by myself in such a long distance from my family is not easy

Com apenas 19 anos Dani resolveu embarcar pra Holanda pra fazer graduação em International Business and Management na Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Aqui você fica sabendo com foi a adaptação dela no país das bicicletas.

I have been living in Groningen for one year now and I cannot describe the feeling. The school is really good, the city is fantastic and the people are really welcoming.

I won't lie, being 19 and living already one year by myself in such a long distance from my family is not easy. Depoimento Dani _UNIVSometimes I feel lost because I am now doing things I never had to do, other times I just really wish I could have a kiss of good-night from my mom and a big hug from my dad. It is hard not to have them around, although the fact that I know I am building a better future for myself is a strong reason to make me be happy and thankful  for the opportunity I am been given.

I am doing my Bachelor degree in International Business and Management at the Hanze University. I really like my course and the school. The things I have to do are more practical, lots of group work, presentations and interaction with people from different fields, so that we (students) have the opportunity to see all the options we have for when we graduate. I also have exams and for those I have to do a lot of studying. I know all the time I put into my studying is worth because it is helping me to build me professionally. In the end of my first year I got my Propedeuse.

For the whole school year of 2011-2012 I have not meet many Brazilians in Groningen, in fact I only meet 3. One of them, Felipe Roberto Mantovani, use to study in the same course as me but changed courses this year, another one, Gabriela Mantuano, studies International Communication. It was good having them around because when we were together I felt like I was back in Brazil, it was very comforting. This first few months of my second year have, in the other hand, been completely different from my first year. In just 2 months I have meet SO MANY BRAZILIANS!!! It is almost like Groningen is being invaded, in a good way, by them! I meet Brazilians in the supermarket, in the gym, in the stairs of stores, everywhere!! It is great that the program "Ciências sem Fronteiras" has been giving so many people the opportunity of going to foreign countries, studying in great schools and improving their language skills. In addition, it is great for me and for the other Brazilians that are here for the full Bachelor program because we feel more and more at home.

Depoimento _ Dani _ ClubOne thing I strongly suggest to students that are going away is to be member of sports' groups. It makes it easier to make new friends, keeps you up to date with exercising (most of the time) and it is something that can make you relax and take your head out of school a little. I was not allowed to do any sports during my first year because of a foot problem I had but, I am now back to gymnastics and fitness. The feeling is unique and the people I meet are just great, they are really welcoming and friendly! It is really good that both the Hanze and the RUG have the sports' center ACLO that offer so many different activities for students (even CAPOEIRA!!!)!

In conclusion, I'd like to thank Nuffic Neso Brazil for all the support that was given to me and my family. 

Danielle Felizardo Torchia
International Business Student

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