Tio University of Applied Sciences, 2019-2020

Tio University of Applied Sciences is a national organisation spread out over five locations. This gives you the benefits of a small scale and personal approach as well as the solid foundation a national organisation provides.


Logo Tio

City  Amsterdam or Utrecht


Scholarship programmes

Two partial scholarships 

Total value of the scholarship: € 9.250,00 / 50 % of tuition fee

Specific study programmes: All international bachelor programmes

Duration of the scholarship

First year of the programme

Deadline for application

 1 May 2019

Contact details

Mr. M. Westerbrink
+31 (0)30 79 99 000

Academic requirement

High school diploma

English Level

TOEFL iBT     Min. score: 80

IELTS             Min. score: 6.5

CEFR             Min. score: B2


Working experience Working experience is not a requirement
Additional requirements
Check the website for information 

Documentation for OTS

        Orange Tulip Scholarship application form

        Proof that the admission process with the Dutch institution has started

        Curriculum Vitae in English

Tio picture

Tio welcomes students from all over the world. Tio is proud of the fact that more and more international students find their way to Tio each year, which allows Tio’s already extensive international network to expand even more!

Tio’s recognized bachelor courses will prepare you for a career in business, e-commerce, event management and the hotel and tourism industry. Tio offers high quality education based on an unique concept: education in a small-scale environment, with personal attention for every student.

Tio University has three bachelor courses: Hotel and event management, International tourism management and International Business Management. International student can choose either for the campus of Tio in Amsterdam or Utrecht. Both one of the most known and beautiful cities of The Netherlands.

Hotel and Event Management

Welcome to the world of top hotels, star restaurants, festivals and sports events. The hospitality sector is looking for you! After completing the Hotel and Event Management bachelor’s degree, you will be able to create the perfect experience for your guests, even online. You will turn any stay and event into a success.

International Tourism Management

Dubai, Botswana, New York, Venice; the whole world is at your feet. The travel industry is looking for you! After completing the International Tourism Management bachelor’s degree, you will sell the world online and offline. You design trips, purchase at sharp rates and establish contacts all over the world.

International Business Management

A glorious future: you close a deal with an American organisation and research the possibilities of doing business in Asia. The business world is looking for you! After completing the International Business Management bachelor’s degree, you will excel at establishing international contacts and creating your own opportunities. This study course brings you one step closer to international success.

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