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Nyenrode Business University has been dedicated to educating students in leadership and entrepreneurship in an international environment since 1946.

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Nyenrode Business University offers five (5) Orange Tulip Scholarships! 

City Breukelen and Amsterdam



Scholarship programmes

Total value of the scholarship (per scholarship):

1) BScBA:

Tuition fee: € 18,600 (1 student)

Duration of programme: 3 years (€ 6,200 * 3 years)

2) FTMSc:

Tuition fee: € 9,750 or (2 students)

Duration of programme: 16 months


Tuition fee: € 5,000 (2 students)

Duration of programme: 1 year

Duration of the scholarship

Entire duration of the studies

1) BScBA- 36 months (the student’s performance will be evaluated every 12 months)

2) FTMSc – 16 months

3) FTMBA – 12 months

Deadline for application 

1) BScBA – April 1st, 2021

2) FTMSc – May 1st, 2021

3) FTMBA – May 1st, 2021

Contact details



BSc in Business Administration: www.nyenrode.nl/bscba

Anne-Marie Houten & Monica Winkel: BScBA@nyenrode.nl    

+31 346 295 735 

Full-time MBA:  www.nyenrode.nl/ftmba  

Madeleine Wolter: ftmba@nyenrode.nl     

+31 346 295 992 

Full-time MSc in Managementwww.nyenrode.nl/ftmsc    

Amber Overbosch & Milou van Muilekom: ftmsc@nyenrode.nl

+31 346 291 703  


Academic requirement
  • High school diploma (BScBA – IB/EB or VWO equivalent)
  • Bachelor’s degree (FTMSc, FTMBA)     
English Level
  • TOEFL iBT                          Min. score: 91-92 (differs per program) 
  • IELTS                                  Min. score: 6,5
  • Cambridge English Exam   Min. score: Advanced (CAE) 
Other diploma
  • GMAT    - Min. score: 600
  • GRE 
  • Nyenrode Admissions Test - Min. score: 500 (Possible to take the Nyenrode Admission’s Test instead of GMAT or GRE)
Working experience
  • The candidate needs at least 3 years of working experience (FTMBA)
  • Working experience is not a requirement to apply for a BScBA or FTMSc
Additional requirements
  • Students should contact Nyenrode’s Program Advisors before starting the application procedure.
  • It is possible to take the Nyenrode’s Admission Test instead of GMAT or GRE.
Documentation for OTS
  • Orange Tulip Scholarship application form
  • Proof that the admission process with Nyenrode has started
  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Motivation Letter specifically written for OTS
  • Budget plan(86 kB)


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About Nyenrode:

Nyenrode Business Universiteit is the only private research university in the Netherlands. Nyenrode offers management degree programs in Amsterdam and a historic estate in Breukelen. Nyenrode is amongst the top 3 preferred universities by employers in the Netherlands (The Economist, 2016). There are five points that make Nyenrode special.

- For and By Business

Founded in 1946, by business leaders such as Philips, AkzoNobel, KLM, Shell, and Unilever. The educational philosophy starts from the business world.

- Practical Relevance

Students shape their career from day one by applying academic knowledge into real-life business.

- Personal Development

Talents transform into an academic professional and develop leadership through self-awareness and reflections.

- Personal Approach

Students work intensively together to inspire each other, and the small class size ensures a unique personal touch for each student.

- Strong Alumni Network

Alumni network spans over 200 countries and the experience of Nyenrode continues through the strong alumni network.



According to the Financial Times ranking 2019, Nyenrode ranked Top 36 among European Business Schools and Top 32 for the FTMBA program.



1) BSc in Business Administration

- Nyenrode Breukelen and Amsterdam campus

- Designed for young talents who want to become a responsible business leader

- Small class size (30-35) with lots of personal attention, 3 years of studies

- International studies abroad on the 3rd year

2) Full-time MSc in Management

- Nyenrode Breukelen and Amsterdam campus

- Pre-master (4 months): General management

- Master (12 months): 3 specialization tracks (including Global Immersion Program) + Company project + Elective courses + Thesis

- Designed for young professionals who want to enter the labour market as skilled starters

3) Full-time MBA

- Nyenrode Amsterdam campus, focused on European business

- Fundamentals of Business Management + Business Practices (visits to 6 European cities) + Final Graduation Project

- Includes monthly sessions with CEOs where students present their business ideas


4) Executive MBA

- 1-week intensive modules every 2 months designed around relevant business topics

- Allow students to combine their job with studies

- First-year (Module 1~6) + Second year (Module 7~10) + Final Group Project

- Focused on boosting leadership impact of professionals

- Includes three international modules (China, South Africa, and the USA)

Link to institution: https://www.nyenrode.nl/en/?utm_medium=partner&utm_source=nuffic+neso&utm_campaign=nuffic+neso+ots%20promotion%20p331090&utm_term=brand%20general%20%20%20always-on
Link to scholarship: https://www.nyenrode.nl/en/experience-nyenrode/discover-student-life?utm_medium=partner&utm_source=nuffic+neso&utm_campaign=nuffic+neso+ots%20promotion%20p331090&utm_term=brand%20general%20%20%20always-on

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